Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Red Truck

There were only six words left. ~ Gregory Maguire

 I had at one time done a writing challange many long months back on Multiply and written the story posted below. It's a repost yet I've rewritten the ending a wee bit. It's a poor imitation of Fareheit 451 ~ Ray Bradbury novel, yet I hope you all like it.

On a lonely stretch of a road a solitary man stood under a flickering lamp waiting for a passing by taxi to pick him up so that he could go home. Times were hard and he made do with whatever work he got to support his old grandmother and himself. He still could not locate his family who had disappeared when he was just a child and the old woman took care of him and his every need. The soft gentle wind turned into a mild breeze and started to throw debris all over.  Hailing a taxi, the man gets in, pops a ciggy into his mouth and lights it only to extinguish it as he got chided for doing so inside the cab.

“There is a raging fire burning down the block.” Mumbled the taxi driver.

“Where at?” Asked the guy in the back.

“Near the 28th and Main Street intersection. You must remember the old abandoned building near the fire department?”

“You mean the old library that got shut down to make way for the new one?”

“Yes. They are now working on the old ladys home next door or so I heard.”

“Take me there will you”

The cab slowed down as it neared the raging out of control fire. The old wooden building will be reduced to ashes by morning thought the man. His eyes could barely make out the figures moving back and forth across the building next to it. His eyes widened, face turned white and he let out a gasp as he saw the firefighters break down the door of his own home, drag an old lady out whom he recognized as his grandmother. He became wet eyed and a dam broke loose as he remembered the times when the old woman used to let his imagination run wild with the treasure trove in the attic. A burly firefighter could be heard over the splintering of wood demanding where the other books were kept as the old woman whimpered below while firefighters started to rush inside  and started to hose the house down with flamethrowers.

The taxi driver looked in the rear view mirror and whispered

“Let’s go Sam. It’s too late to help her. We’ll be dead by morning if anyone sees us. I’ve got a little place on the outskirt where you can stay before moving on to some new place. I’ll even set you up with a new id and some cash.“

The taxi wound its way as the man in the back looked at the receding house with tears as past memories flooded his mind. Placing my arm on the door armrest, I look out the side window, rest my head on it and look upwards. The sky is a dull shade of grey, I hear rolling thunder in the distance, the flash of lightning that blinds. Rain starts to splatter against the glass. I see a lonesome bird struggling to stay afloat in the turbulent winds, fail as it loses the battle and plummet downwards only to disappear in the distance. Looking at the city flowing past, I see a sea of humanity which still flowed by endlessly as if they were in a rush to meet their new found God. Some flip open umbrellas, while other tilt their hats to shield their face and tighten their raincoats. Running my hand across the glass to wipe the dust, memories as bleak the sun scorched desserts float through my mind.

Looking at my own reflection, I wondered what I had really achieved.  Time passes by and after what seems like another lifetime, I find myself walking up back to the closet to get my coat. The stormy clouds starts to break, the rain come to a stop and I see the sun break through. The taxi eventually comes to a stop. Opening its door, I headed out and looked at my image in the receding side mirror with tinge of sadness as past memories flooded his mind. I realized the world was getting smaller and darker with each passing year as I  faded into the darkness of the trash strewn gully between the abandoned apartments hoping to find momentary peace before they come baying for my blood. 

The flower bouqet

I was wandering around town yesterday doing some grocery shopping when I ran across this flower arrangement at a doctors office. It had rained in the afternoon, so the flowers had a sparkling fresh look. Loved the combination of yellow and gree.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Wayward Spirits

Extending my hand, I try to grasp the door handle, yet it grasps air and nothing else. I turn around and see a semi transparent smoky figure in front of me mouthing something yet I hear nothing. I try to run yet I realize I am nothing but a wisp of smoke. Looking around, I see a crowd blocking traffic. Silence fills the air yet I hear a few murmurs which subside as quickly as they had erupted. Suddenly we realize that we don't exist anymore as I recognize my own blood splattered self. Pointing towards the still, bloody figures on the road, we let out a moan yet no one hears.

A few flies buzzed around and the food the bearded vagabond was trying to eat was as listless as the garbage bin he was trying to eat out from. There were still a few bodies lying on the street  which he had not disposed off due to the swelling crowd. The feud which he had with them was finished in the physical world yet continued unabated in the new form as he promised them unending pain the lowest depths of hell. There were occasional shouts, a few angry words and the worked up spirits were pacified once more when told to hush up. Heading down the street, he glanced back wondering if the spirits which whispered angrily amongst themselves would maintain peace while he was gone.

Just Imagine - Creative Challenge # 285

 This week's word/phrase: imagine

Thinking without boundaries

Unchaining the mind